New Zealand

Ask Chris, which country we travelled that he never wanted to leave. He’ll always say New Zealand. He’ll probably even say, that he doesn’t know why he actually ever left and how he got back to Europe. We were lucky enough to make amazing Queenstown our Kiwi homebase. We spent a fun winter (beautiful snowshoe outings!) at the NZ adventure capital, saving up once again for our upcoming travels of the North and South Island and South Pacific. In October 2014 we head off, spent a relaxing month in Samoa, reading and snorkeling loads, then took all summer to explore both Kiwi Islands. Our NZ is a magic place of tranquil landscapes, where golden beaches of an almost tropical paradise meet turqoise glacier lakes, were snow topped mountains are only a short drive away from dense rainforest. When we think of our times in NZ, we think of a great international vibe and community – our friends being not only Kiwis, but British, French, Australian, South African, Namibian, our work and school mates being Irish, Indian, Russian, Arabic, Brasilian, Chilean. And of course we think of great outdoor adventures, awesome hikes, canoe and kayak, paragliding and horse riding trips. Such a small place considering the remotemess of some spots out in the wild. And not to forget, Kiwi apples are the best in the world, we find.