May 2012-March 2014
January-April 2015

Ask Fran, which country she would go back to, if she could only pick one. She’ll say Australia in a heartbeat. It took us six years to finally make the move to leave our jobs back home, bid adieu to our apartment and store the belongings we couldn’t take with us. When we finally arrived in Australia (Darwin), we had a backpack full of dreams and ideas, no return ticket, little money. But no pressure. We bought ourselves Toyota van Horst, explored the Australian Top End with him, then hit the Red Centre to do some trekking and sight seeing, ran out of money quick in Alice Springs (out of all places!), got a job there, made friends and ended up staying for 10 months. We still kind of feel like NT’lers. We sold Horst (he found a good home) and bought Helga, a Toyota Hilux truck with which we wanted to go on the rad road trip around the continent we had saved up for all these months in Alice. We took off in June 2013. When we set foot on the plane leaving Australia at Gold Coast Airport 12 months and 40.000 km later we had circled the continent, had visited all Australian states/ territories and had enjoyed an unparalleled freedom – still no return date, no stress of any sort, we had spent unforgettable months in the vastness of the Australian bush and made loads of beautiful memories of impressive nature, landscapes and people. Only the sky was the limit.